In any business, experience is a decisive factor in achieving commercial success. The music business is constantly evolving.

An acute awareness of where the market is heading is essential if an artist is to navigate efficiently towards achieving their goals. A knowledge of what obstacles to avoid is just as critical if an artist is to survive and flourish in what is a complex and, at times, daunting industry. Many artists proceed throughout their careers, lacking the guidance and connections that are required to bring about a successful career in the music industry.

Over sixteen years of experience and a huge contact base of every major contact within the industry, including heads of major labels, radio programme directors, distribution and publishing companies, gives Code Production an edge in placing the artists’ music and video productions into the main-stream commercial market.

If you’re an artist, group, band or producer, who is looking for management at the highest level and think that you have what it takes to be represented by the best in the industry, please contact Code Production to discuss your career.