If you require world-class music for advertising, radio, television, video, film, sync, corporate, games, composition, sound recordings, websites, music on hold, performance or other application, Code Production record label can provide you with a customised package that suits your individual needs.

We have an extensive catalogue of different musical styles, produced to the highest standards, that are ready to be incorporated into your commercial project, or that can be customised.

If you would like more information on our licensing products and services, or would like to discuss your individual needs with us further, please contact us today.

Tracks Projects For Licensing: 

Updated:  16/01/2017: New releases coming soon.

  1. Supa Freak – One of us lies  | Watch Video (*NEW)

  2. ZUKA – Hello Stranger  | Watch Video

  3. Bogdan Vladau – Teoriste  | Watch Video

  4. Alex Mica – No Me Digas  | Watch Video

  5. Trebor – Pretty Lady | Watch Video

  6. Bob Sin – You | Watch Video

  7. Bogdan Vladau – Please | Watch Video

For licensing, please contact us at bogdan.tascau@codeproduction.ro or licensing@codeproduction.ro